Great African Stories Available On Demand

Through Portablevoices Audiobook Portal and network of studios, PortableVoices enables authors and publishers to produce and distribute African audiobooks. We specialize in production and distribution of contemporary, religious and educational audiobooks and plays that target children, teenagers and adults.

How it works for:

PortableVoices put you in control.

You decide how your book is produced, who narrates it, and select the best distribution channels that will best fit your book, we will do the rest. The more rights you grant us, the more portablevoices will be able to help.

Every audiobook you produce with PortableVoices will be available on, iTunes, audible. com and distributed countrywide, if you grant portablevoices exclusive distribution rights, we do everything for you.

Why read your own book?

  • Since its your story, your voice can tell it best. Narrating your own book gives you a chance to express yourself to readers just like you did on paper.
  • Audience connect with you. When you narrate your own book, your listeners attached your voice to the words thus giving them a better way to experience your story.
  • It’s fun! Narrating your own book can be fun and fulfilling

When I'm ready to go, what do I do next?

Getting started is normally easy, follow the following steps:

Make sure your manuscript is ready to go and that you have cleared your calendar for recording sessions that will follow. After analyzing your manuscript, we help you understand how much it will cost, and selecting your distribution channels. We also help you understand your rights and terms of the contract that shall guide our relationship while we will be working together.

PortableVoices makes you money from the rights you have.

If you’re a book or magazine publisher, PortableVoices can help you produce audio versions of titles you own subsidiary rights to. PortableVoices allows you to produce audiobooks at the best rates in the market with highly qualified Producers and local voice over artists.

The audiokooks we produce can be packaged together with the print book or sold separately through our distribution channels and partners.

Have a book you want to turn to audiobook?

We are here to help!