Why Us?

PortableVoices is the leading producer and distributor of spoken audio content in Kenya. We love enabling storytellers create engaging audio that will enable them entertain and get value.

We believe great stories deserve great narrators. We have nurtured relationships with the best voice actors across Africa that have ability to narrate in multiple languages including local Kenyan and African languages.


How it Works

Getting a great narrator is made quick and easy.

1. Auditioning

Upon receiving your your work, we submit to our network of narrators for auditions then send you samples to choose from and a quote that fits within your budget. If you have a custom script, we can do custom auditions that read a sample of your copy – all for free.

2. Production

Once you select the voice, the actor is hired and booked for the specific project. Once the actor approves to proceed, your project is scheduled and one of our project manager gets in touch on next steps.

3. Project Approval

Once you’re satisfied with the voice over, we send you the  final files that are usually made ready for you to publish right away.

Produce with Us

Drop us a message, we will get back as soon as possible.

Call us on: +254713 312 704