Production Services

Having been in the podcasting and audiobook production business for over two and a half years now, we understand what it takes better.

We offer audiobook and podcast production services to authors, organizations, individuals and publishers. When you choose us to be your production partner, We work with you to fully produce and distribute your content according to the specifications and expected audience engagement.

How does it work?

  • Right holder pay for audiobook production costs upfront

  • Right holders retains all  rights to the audiobook revenue. PortableVoices only retains ownership of the production rights after the audiobook is produced

  • Once released for digital download and subscription, The right holder receive 40% of the audiobook revenues. The best in the market.

  • PortableVoices works exclusively on a Pay Per Performance basis only.

Who Narrates?

In case for non fiction works, such as memoirs, business books, family history, poems, or other genres that have a more personal story, we advice the author narrate the story. However, if the author is not comfortable recording, it is beneficial to use a professional narrator from PortableVoices.


In case of non-fiction works, we advice that the narration be done a professional voice actor. The is trained in  character voicing and making he fictional story come alive.

We have a wide range of professional narrators.

When we produce your audiobook, you can sell through these online retailers:


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