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PortableVoices is an audio on-demand network for podcasters, publishers and authors that are interested in telling African stories.

Why Us?

PortableVoices is the leading producer and distributor of African audiobooks and premium spoken audio content in Kenya. We love enabling storytellers get value from their works.

We work with top voices in Africa

We believe great stories deserve great actors. We have nurtured relationships with the best local voice actors that have ability to narrate in multiple languages including local Kenyan languages.


How does narration work?

In case for non fiction works, such as memoirs, business books, family history, poems, podcasts or other genres that have a more personal story, we advice the author/host narrate the story.

In case of non-fiction works, we advice that the narration be done a professional voice actor, that is trained in  character voicing and making he fictional story come alive.

  1. The Right holder pay for all production costs upfront.

  2. The Right holder retains all rights to their work and PortableVoices only retains the production and future distribution rights.

  3. Once released for digital download and/or subscription, The right holder get paid according to the royalty or commission model of the distribution platform.

Our Studios

Your story is produced in our carefully designed facilities, and produced by our best sound engineers.


Designed to capture the best performance, our studio is best equipped to produce the highest audio quality with no outside noise. Our studio is the first podcasting and audiobook production in Nairobi by the way.


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