Love storytelling? You are not alone. Join Creatives Club by Portable Voices to be part of our community of creatives, get free recording sessions, voice acting and podcasting training, access to more paying clients and much more!

Are you a storyteller or a journalist?

Engage your skills and earn extra income making new podcasts and voicing for audiobooks.

Want to learn more about podcasting?

Advance your skills through weekly training sessions, mentorship from experts and live practice sessions.

Club Benefits

2 recording sessions per week

Our main studio and member studios are designed and equipped to capture the best performance and produce the highest audio quality with no outside noise. As a member, you get 8 – 10 hours per month to record your work plus free editorial and production support.


Creatives Club hosts Bi-weekly masterclasses in podcasting and narrative storytelling, Script writing and other sound production skills that will enable you to tell your story better.

Advertising Representation for Podcasters

Portablevoices provide creative solutions to promote your content to increase your listenership and exposure as well as advertising representation for your podcasts.

Priority casting calls

Voice artists part of Creatives Club, get priority consideration to audition for audiobooks currently auditioning. You get notifications for new books available for auditioning directly via email and text.

Networking Opportunities

Connect and collaborate with other creatives. We host monthly Q&A sessions and networking events where you will get a chance to meet and chat with other podcasters, actors and more!