Love storytelling? You are not alone. Join Creatives Club by Portable Voices to be part of our community of creatives, get free recording sessions, voice acting and podcasting training, access to more paying clients and much more!

What is Creatives Club?

Creatives Club is membership service by PortableVoices that allows you to use our facilities for audio and video recording and production of podcasts, Video Casts and Voice-over.We offer a variety of recording studio options for companies, as well as groups and individuals, who are inspired by the business of Podcasting, Video-blogging, and Voiceover.


KES. 5000/session

"Studio Rental" is for those clients that want to simply record and go with their content. It’s perfect for one-offs, pilots, demos, or when you need a more professional recording equipment and more in-studio options. We consider all time used to produce your content. No discounted options are available for this plan. You pay for studio time and post-production work needed.

In-house Studio Support

Post-production services


KES 7,500/month

Our “Regular” Membership is for those who are interested in working with us on an ongoing basis. We store all content for the life of the project as long as you use our services.

What's included?

  • 8 hours per month studio time 
  • Free instrumentals
  • Audio editing, mixing and mastering support for  1 podcast
  • Publishing and distribution support – soundcloud, youtube, itunes etc
  • Free Marketing – starting with featuring your show or other project on our website and Creatives Club marketing materials and social media. 
  • Advertising representation for podcasts with 5,000+ subscribers or at least 10,000 listeners per episode.
  • 15% Discount on all exclusive workshops and events.


KES 20,000/month

This membership is for those clients who are looking for everything to be taken care for them, from production to post-edit and the deployment of the episodes on an ongoing basis. You get access to our in-studio resources, which are the studio time, Branding option, Instrumentals & Sound Bites and Publishing. We store all content for the life of the project as long as you use our services.


  • 10 hours per month studio time
  • Free instrumentals
  • Scripting support
  • Audio editing, mixing and mastering.
  • Dedicated Publishing and Distribution Support
  • Free website for your podcasts and personal branding
  • Dedicated channel management and monetization support
  • Advertising representation for podcasts with 5,000+ subscribers or at least 10,000 listeners per episode.
  • Free tickets for all exclusive workshops and events.

Why Creatives Club?

Save Money

Creatives Club memberships, offers you the most flexible and affordable options to produce your podcasts and music tracks thus ensuring you produce more for less.

Free Training

As a Creative Club member, you get free pass to our training sessions, mentorship from experts and live practice sessions.

Distribution and Marketing

Creative club supports in distributing and marketing your show and music on various platform  including Youtube, SoundCloud, Mdundo among other platforms you need to be on, to maximize your listenership and fan base.

Earn Extra Income

Engage your skills and earn extra income from advertising in your podcasts and voicing for audiobooks, animations, film and games contracted by PortableVoices.

Networking & Collaboration

Creatives Club offers you opportunities to meet and collaborate with other creatives through our monthly and annual networking events and festivals.

Content Monetization

Creative Club supports members on how to monetize your podcast, youtube channel, music records. The club offers assistance in advertising, youtube management, digital sales, cross-promotion and events.

Join the Club Today

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