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We are located at WAKIKA HOUSE on Murang’a Road, next to Seldom Hotel along Thika Road near Guru Nanak.
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Press and Media Information

For press information, images and media resources about PortableVoices events, and PortableVoices Podcasts, Audiobooks and Programs, please get in touch with our communications team at

Business Inquiries

For all business inquiries regarding advertising and production services, contact our sales team, with the email subject BUSINESS ENQUIRY.

Press requests

Requests for interviews should be directed to communications team at, with the email subject PRESS REQUEST. Your email should include the following information:

  • Name of media outlet
  • Brief background on your interview request
  • Proposed publication date
  • Your deadline

Republishing and embedding our Podcasts

We encourage you to share our podcasts and or other programs under the terms of our licensing agreement.

To request the use of our programs, please contact our licensing team via, with the email subject LICENSING REQUEST.


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