Make Learning Fun and Interactive with Animation.

PortableVoices Animation Studios combines our artistry of storytelling techniques with great sound design and animation technologies to create interactive and obsessively engaging educational animated videos, motion graphics, and games for kids, students and corporate teams.


Animations are a great way to make learning fun and interesting.


Learners will be faster to learn, and have better attitudes toward learning using interactive animations such as cartoons, simulation of past events, visual effects, audio, graphics, feedback, expert advice  and questions pop ups and interesting stories.  


Because animations are exciting and fun, Interactive learning with live-action animation, simulation, video, audio, graphics, feedback, expert advice, and questions and answers will keep learners interested and reinforce skills. 


Since animation is an inspired and interactive way for flexible education and training, learners will be more motivated to learn more and more. Learners will get more skills, which is the main reason to make them more motivated.

Flexibility and Safety

A lot of things such as experiments in physics and chemistry are dangerous to be carried out in the real-life learning. Simulated animation programs will enable teachers represent these dangerous events without the hazards.


Computer animation allows learners to learn-by-viewing, learn-by-doing or learn-by-coaching. All are effective methods for developing practical skill and increasing information retention.

Long Attention Span

Animation are be help you to quickly get and hold an audience’s attention. For example, it will be very easy for you to show the invisible phenomena in chemistry or physics interactions.

How It Works


Send us a brief of your project and the scope of work. We follow up with to learning more about the project and expected outcomes.


Once we agree agree on the terms of production, commit a deposit for the project, we send you a short sample for your approval. 


Once you are satisfied with the sample we now have a better understanding of the style of production you want, we will then proceed with the project and engage with you as we produce. Once the project, you will receive final files that are usually made ready for you to publish right away.

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