Ears4Eyes is a social impact program initiated by PortableVoices to support education of blind and visually impaired children in Kenya, through production and distribution of FREE locally-made educational audiobooks and radio dramas that helps them learn, stay informed and entertain themselves. The program is run and supported by PortableVoices Creatives Ltd and content produced by PortableVoices Studios.

Why EARS for EYES?

Over 45,000 visually impaired children in Kenya have no access to AUDIO learning resources based on the new Kenyan curriculum.

By producing curriculum based audio learning resources and distributing them for FREE to integrated and schools for blind across all the 47 counties in Kenya, we will increase the academic performance of visually impaired children by over 35 percent annually. More importantly, literacy will give them more opportunities to complete equally with the other children with full sight.


FREE Audiobooks

We aim to be making 50 audiobooks and over 100 revision materials every year, that will be accessible through the cloud and other assistive technologies to all special schools in Kenya. The learning materials will be based on the new curriculum as provided by the ministry of education..

Voice Assistant

Technology changes everything! We are integrating voice technology into our content creation process that will enable visually impaired persons to take charge of their own learning. SOON Visually impaired persons will have devices they will be able to speak to and receive voice responses and content instantly.

Help us light up the blind's world

EARS for EYES Fundraiser is NOW LIVE! on Mchanga

Help us educate and empower blind children with as little as KES. 100/ $1


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