PortableVoices Creatives Ltd is an Kenyan diversified media production company and podcast network. We specialize in production and distribution of on-demand Pan -African audio, video and animated media and games.

Our mission is to increase access to African information and knowledge, tell African stories that challenge conventional wisdom and explore African potential,  and empower creatives and brands to express themselves creatively.

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Local stories available on demand.

PortableVoices Podcast Network (PPN) is the premier platform for podcasters in Kenya. PPN works with independent podcasters to develop, grow and monetize their podcasts. PortableVoices has industry-leading capabilities in production, marketing, distribution, and monetization.


African Stories Told by African Voices.

We work with authors and publishers to produce and distribute Pan-African contemporary, religious and educational audiobooks. Your story is produced in well equipped network of studios by professional sound engineers and and pre-screened trained voice artists able to narrate in multiple African and foreign languages. You decide how your book is produced, who narrates it, and select the best distribution channels that will best fit your book.

Animations and Games

Making learning fun and interactive.

We understand how important interactive learning is helpful to quickly capture learners' attention and retain knowledge. With this understanding, PortableVoices Animation Studios combines artistry of storytelling techniques with great sound design and animation technologies to create interactive and obsessively engaging educational animated videos, motion graphics, and games for kids, students and employees.

Creative Media

Make your Brand Standout

We work with clients to create short engaging audio, video and animations aligned with your marketing goals. We help with conceptualization, scripting and production of explainer videos, and custom animated and audio commercials. Whether you are re-branding or marketing your product or service, we partner with you to make sure your message is heard. We help you connect and communicate with your intended audience quickly and easily.


PortableVoices supports education and empowerment of Visually impaired children and persons through creating and distributing free audiobooks and other audio materials. The audiobooks and other audio content can also be accessed on our website. Soon, they will also be available via our mobile application and handheld media players.

Join Creatives Club!

As a member of Creatives Club, you get up-to 12 hrs per month recording time at our studios, advertising representation for podcasters, free training and consultation, networking opportunities with other creatives, and much more!

Membership starts at KES. 5,000/month

Try our Production Packages

Optimize your marketing channels and avoid wasting time and unpredictability of content creation costs through ongoing flexible and affordable content production subscription packages that let you produce more content affordably.

Subscription starts at Ksh. 15,600/month

Clients We have Served

We have served clients of various sizes, including: