PortableVoices is a Kenyan audio production company specializing in sound design and production of Pan-African audiobooks, podcasts, and other spoken entertainment and educational programming.

PortableVoices also supports blind and partially sighted children and persons to access education and information, through our audiobooks and adaption of other locally produced video and print materials. 

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Audiobook Pub.

We work with authors and publishers to produce and distribute Pan-African contemporary, religious and educational audiobooks. Your story is produced in well equipped network of studios by professional sound engineers and trained and pre-screened voice artists.

Studio Hiring

PortableVoices offers a variety of recording and sound production services, including: Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering, Producing and Music Composing. Recording is priced by the hour, day, or by pre-paid 4 and 8 hour blocks of time. We also offer special Night rates for 12:00am-6:00am and Weekends 6am – 4pm

Podcast Production

PortableVoices Podcast Network (PPN) is the premier platform for podcasters in Kenya. PPN works with independent podcasters to develop, grow and monetize their podcasts. PortableVoices has industry-leading capabilities in production, marketing, distribution, and monetization.

Sound Design

Our experience, creativity and technical knowledge in sound make your project sound incredible.  We provide sound, music, and voice over services for projects of any kind e.g animation, film, documentaries or Television and can also be a great addition to your existing audio team to help speed your project or increase capacity.

Voice Overs

We connect looking for local narrators for audiobooks, film, documentaries, and animations with pre-screened and trained voice over artists. Since inception, our members-only narrators program is growing fast, currently having over 100 voice artists able to narrate in multiple languages.


We offer practical training in storytelling and script writing,  sound production, podcasting, voice over and audiobook narration and  transcribing. Our training include from monthly bootcamps and 3 month internship opportunities. As a member of Creative Club, you get free training and project support.


Your story is produced in our carefully designed facilities, and produced by our best sound engineers.

Designed to capture the best performance, our studio is best equipped to produce the highest audio quality with no outside noise. Our studio is the first podcasting and audiobook production in Nairobi by the way.


Through Ears for Eyes Initiative for the Blind, we support education of Visually impaired children and persons through creating and distributing free audiobooks and other audio materials. The audiobooks and other audio content can also be accessed on our website. Soon, they will also be available via our mobile application and handheld media players.

Clients We have Served

We have served clients of various sizes, including: